Achieving and maintaining good health is essential so that people with disabilities can participate in education, productive work, recreation, and all aspects of community life. Children and adults with disabilities are at risk for having special health care needs that often are not adequately addressed by health care professionals. The Partnership is committed to implementing projects and activities that support the training of health care and related professionals and paraprofessionals in interdisciplinary settings. Our goal is to reduce the disparities that families and people with disabilities experience when accessing health care and related services. 

The Partnership works collaboratively with key state and national leaders, as well as community providers, to address health promotion and education for people with disabilities and their families. Promoting the health and well-being of all people with disabilities is an ongoing focus and includes efforts in the early identification of children with autism, health promotion and prevention of secondary conditions, health care transitions, and reducing the risk of abuse and neglect. We are actively involved in training health professionals and related school personnel as they become the next generation of leaders. We are committed to reaching professionals, families, and community members through training, technical assistance, dissemination, and research activities. All activities are weighted toward creating environments where children and their families can learn, grow, and experience fulfilling lives in supportive communities.