Opportunities for People with Disabilities and Families

It is estimated that 11% of Virginians have a disability. In Virginia, that equates to approximately 901,000 people (View the Report). Children and youth eligible for services under IDEA number close to 190,000 each year. People with disabilities often face stigma and they and their families can become socially isolated within their communities. 

The Partnership is proud of its commitment to include people with disabilities and families in project work and on staff (representing 1/3 of the staff). Beginning in the late 1980s with the formation of Parent to Parent of Virginia, the Partnership has engaged thousands of parents and family members in efforts to make Virginia’s systems more family-centered. And, over the past 11 years, effort has been committed to raising the voices of people with disabilities in systems change. 

The Partnership works with a variety of family led and advocacy organizations across the Commonwealth to implement our projects and to increase their capacity to build collaborative family/individual-professional partnerships.

For more information on targeted Partnership work with people with disabilities and families, visit the following websites: