I-CAN! Accessibility Project


I-CAN! is a collaboration between the Partnership for People with Disabilities and the VCU School of Social Work and is supported by grant funding through the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Victims Fund by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. The mission of the I-CAN! Accessibility Project is to promote and facilitate awareness about the abuse of people with disabilities and to advocate for equal access to services and legal protections. The project began in 2007 and has successfully received continuation grants every two years.

Project Staff

  • Liz Cramer, co-Project Director
  • Molly Dellinger-Wray, co-Project Director
  • Jacqueline Robinson Brock, Project Coordinator

Major Activities

  • Protective Orders: Collaborate with the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia to ensure that the I-CAN! Virginia Module is accessible for people with disabilities. The I-CAN! Virginia Module is an online program run by the Office of the Executive Secretary (http://www.courts.state.va.us/courtadmin/aoc/judpln/programs/afapo/home.htmlwhere an individual can fill out the paperwork necessary to file for a protective order. 
  • Outreach/Education: Collaborate with brain injury organizations for outreach and education about abuse and also provide resources to survivors of brain injury and professionals
  • Advocacy: Facilitates an active Advisory Board comprised of representatives from local and state domestic violence and disability service organizations, as well as individuals with disabilities 
  • Resource Development: Develop resources for individuals with disabilities and community partners regarding domestic violence and sexual assault. The I-CAN! booklet Understanding Protective Orders in Richmond, Virginia (iCan English Booklet | Spanish iCan Booklet | iCan Protective Orderswas updated in 2019.  Other resources include the Understanding Family Abuse Protective Orders (English) and Understanding Family Abuse Protective Orders (Spanish)A video was collaboratively developed in 2014 by Mill House Clubhouse members on Relationships-Healthy vs. Unhealthy

The videos can be accessed here: 

Funding Sources

This project is supported by a grant awarded through the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Victims Fund by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. 


Jackie Robinson Brock
Project Coordinator
Email: robinsonjb3@vcu.edu
Phone: 804-356-3344