WIOA 511 Career Counseling


Section 511 of the federal Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act requires that workers with disabilities who are not paid minimum wage receive annual career counseling and information about self-advocacy, self-determination, and peer mentoring in order to improve their access to competitive integrated employment paying minimum wage or higher.

Major Activities

  • Work with the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services to identify employment providers in Virginia who employ people with disabilities under a 14C subminimum wage certificate
  • Develop a dynamic career counseling group training and 1:1 conversation process to deliver to people with disabilities earning subminimum wages (below $7.25/hour)
  • Hire and training people with disabilities and family members to conduct the annual training and career counseling in person and virtually

Target Audience

People with disabilities earning subminimum wage.

Funding Source

Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services 


Dana Yarbrough, Project Principal Investigator
Email: dvyarbrough@vcu.edu  

Nicole Brandenburger, Project Director
Email: tnbrandenburg@vcu.edu